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18 Apr, 2009

Who Can Sing?

Posted by: kandangjago In: Musik | 2,342 views

who-can-singThis is a normal question, especially for anybody who likes to sing. Any person with a normal speaking voice can sing or learn to sing. Singing is not a God-given talent bestowed upon a limited favored. It is possible for all who possess a voice with which to speak, to learn to sing. The vocal mechanism and its action are the same for both.

The facts appear to be that all normal human beings possess an adequate vocal instrument. This instrument are waiting a liberation and knowledge of how to use or produce voice for achieve desirable tone.

Why can somebody sing better than the others? The answer of this question; because nature has given them more native musical talent or a naturally stronger or they have more confidence in its producing than the others. The extensive opportunity to sing at home or in early schooling is a most valuable background, providing the voice has been used freely and naturally.

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09 Apr, 2009

Memaknai Lagu Rohani JanjiMu Seperti Fajar

Posted by: kandangjago In: Lagu Indonesia|Lagu Rohani | 6,421 views

Perpaduan yang indah antar syair, melodi, dan harmoni musik dari sebuah lagu rohani mampu mengantarkan suasana hati dan jiwa manusia menuju ke dalam perasaannya yang paling dalam. Suasana yang terbangun dibentuk terlebih dahulu oleh latar belakang hatinya saat mendengarkan lagu.
Misalnya, ketika hati sedang sedih, kemudian mendengarkan lagu rohani tertentu, maka bisa membawa pendengar tersebut kepada perasaan yang berbeda-beda, tergantung pada lagu rohani yang didengarkan. Bisa saja justru menjadi semakin sedih karena terbawa dan teringat dalam suasana kenangan yang membuatnya sedih, atau perasaan terhibur karena syair lagu yang memberikan hiburan atas satu peristiwa, perasaan semakin dikuatkan, perasaan yang membawa pada kesejukan, dan lain-lain.

Berikut ini, saya mencoba memaknai satu lagu rohani.

Judul : JanjiMu Seperti Fajar (JanjiMu Sperti Fajar)

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lagu rohani paduan suara pic

Lagu Paduan Suara & Lagu Rohani
For four part mixed voices (S.A.T.B.) – Mixed Choir
Song Theme : Worship
Song Type : Modern Classical
A Cappella
(without accompaniment)
Music by : Lisna G. Arifin
Words by : Ev. Th. Santoso
Choir Arrangement by : Bayu Nerviadi C., C.
Price : 0.95 (one licence for one choir with 15 – 40 members)

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05 Mar, 2009

Five Principles for Learn to Sing

Posted by: kandangjago In: Musik | 1,538 views

  • The first principle in learning to sing is an attitude. Attitude is the most important factor in success in learning. Following are the most important attitude must be done :
  • By realizing the truth about who can sing, that singing is natural, and that singing is fun.
  • By reducing fear or self-consciousness to the point where it is no longer fatal to minimum technic needed.
  • By emphasizing expression and concentrating on the natural delivery of words in singing just as if they were spoken eloquently.
  • By choosing short and easy songs that you like in the beginning.
  • By working and practicing persistently to gain the minimum basic skill technics needed to provide confidence.

learning-singingWhether or not you become a great singer is not nearly as important as whether or not you become a great person, a sensitive and understanding person, appreciating and understanding artistic beauty and mankind. The study of singing can always be depended on to contribute highly to this paramount educational objective.

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23 Feb, 2009

Principles in Singing

Posted by: kandangjago In: Musik | 1,908 views


  • An attitude of enthusiastic interest, pleasure, and confidence.
  • Intelligent, regular practice habits.
  • Vital, upright, expansive posture.
  • Efficient, diaphragmatic-costal breath control.
  • Freedom, vitality, expressive color, efficiency, sonority, and evenness in tone production.
  • Mastery of correct, clear, and beautiful diction.
  • Mastery of legato technic.
  • Mastery of agility and flexibility technic.
  • Natural, gracious, posed, and attractive stage presence.
  • Sensitive, intelligent, and movingly-expressive interpretation.

Everything culminates in this over-all objective : Expression must be both the beginning and ending emphasis of vocal study.

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21 Feb, 2009

Prepare for the Master (CD Mastering)

Posted by: kandangjago In: Musik | 2,914 views

cd-mastering-studioMany artists are still confused as to what goes on during a mastering session. This article will try to shed some light on the last step before fame and riches (well, at least the last step before duplication), and help you with preparing your music before sending to a mastering studio.

Mastering is the last stage of production, right before the master CD is sent for duplication. It is extremely important for your product and can dramatically improve the quality and consistency of your recordings. Since many musicians have home studios, it is more important than ever to get your final CD mastered properly. It will bring your home-recordings closer to a “radio ready” professional level.

Some of the work done at the mastering stage include:

  • Equalization and harmonic balancing for consistent sound throughout your entire album.
  • Adjusting micro/macro-dynamics (volume changes) of your songs for consistency and loudness.
  • Checking inter-channel phase and polarity for mono compatibility.
  • Final CD layout with proper song spaces, segues, fades and crossfades snapped to CD frame boundaries.
  • Sample and bit rate conversion with dither to Red Book CD Standard.

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19 Jan, 2009

An foundation to Digital Piano

Posted by: kandangjago In: Musik | 4,318 views

Home_Digital_PianoDigital piano is a flow electronic musical instrument particularly planned to answer principally or else to the traditional piano, in both the direction it experiences to act and in the sound it created. A few digital pianos are as well determined to appear as if an acoustic piano. As digital pianos have many rewards over normal pianos.

In most of the effectuations, a digital piano extends another diversity of piano qualities and commonly another sound as well. For example, a digital piano might have settings for a carrying out grand piano, an upright piano, a tack piano, and another electric pianos like the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer. Just about digital pianos as well incorporate other basics synthesizer sounds like string ensemble, and offer mounts to compound them with piano.

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