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18 Apr, 2009

Who Can Sing?

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who-can-singThis is a normal question, especially for anybody who likes to sing. Any person with a normal speaking voice can sing or learn to sing. Singing is not a God-given talent bestowed upon a limited favored. It is possible for all who possess a voice with which to speak, to learn to sing. The vocal mechanism and its action are the same for both.

The facts appear to be that all normal human beings possess an adequate vocal instrument. This instrument are waiting a liberation and knowledge of how to use or produce voice for achieve desirable tone.

Why can somebody sing better than the others? The answer of this question; because nature has given them more native musical talent or a naturally stronger or they have more confidence in its producing than the others. The extensive opportunity to sing at home or in early schooling is a most valuable background, providing the voice has been used freely and naturally.

The vocal instrument must be freed and tone produced properly before judgement of potential is valid. If somebody has a problem with vocal instrument, the vocal coach should be informed of this fact and he/she can arrange to give you some tests to obtain information for giving advice and guidance.

Most people, particularly instrumentalists, who think they have no voice for singing, are nearly always wrong. Basically, instrumentalists usually make the best singers once their inhibitions regarding personal vocal ability are corrected.

The human voice is different from any other instruments in structural aspect. In other instruments we can choose poor, average, or high quality instrument, but there is nothing that can be done about the vocal instrument structure. Poor, average or good vocal instruments structurally cannot be changed in despite of vocal practising. But, we don’t know about that. Only an experienced vocal physiologist trained in this special field can determine this matter with accuracy by careful examination.

We need not despair of vocal success, however even if the structural aspect of our instrument is actually poor. It does not follow that singing itself must then be poor.

Give a pianist master a structurally cheap piano and he would still thrill listeners with his playing, although tone would not be as responsive nor as satisfying to the discriminating listener as if he were playing on a high quality piano. The fact is, the most important factors in interpretation are imaginative musician and the necessary physical, technical skill.

The potential of any voice is unpredictable with accuracy until after the throat has become free, properly opened up, and strong and steady breath control is established.

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