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Musik/Lagu : Ira Forest Stanphill
Syair : Ira Forest Stanphill
Arrangement : Ira Forest Stanphill

1. I traveled down alonely road, And no one seemed to care.
The burden on my weary back, Had bowed me to despair.
I off complained to Jesus, How folks were treating me.
And then I heard Him say, so tenderly.

“My feet were also weary, Upon The Calv’ry road.
The cross became so heavy, I feel beneath the load.
Be faithful, weary pilgrim, the morning I can see.
Just lift your cross and follow close to me.

2. “I work so hard for Jesus”, I often boast and say.
“I’ve sacri ficed a lot of things To walk the narrow way.
I gave up fame and fortune, I’m worth a lot to Thee!
And then I heard Him gently say to me.

“I left the throne of glory, And counted it but loss.
My hands were nailed in anger, Upon a cruel cross.
But now we’ll make the journey,
With your hand safe in Mine.
So lift your cross and follow close to me.

3. O Jesus, if I die upon A foreign field some day.
‘I would be no more than love demands
No less could I repay.
“No greater love hath mortal man Than for a friend to die.”
These are the words He gently spoke to me.

“If just a cup of water, I place with in your hand.
Then just a cup of water, Is all that I demand.
But if by death to living, They can Thy glory see,
I’ll take my cross and follow close to Thee.

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